All About Adaptogens…

  • By GlamAesUsr
  • 8th March 2021

When it comes to skin, health and beauty… I am a total geek!

I am constantly on the look out for new and innovative health and beauty products, that not only can improve my life but can improve the lives of my clients, family and friends. Earlier this year I came across something that is making waves in the health industry at the moment, but is still not so well known… Especially here in the UK.

They’re called ADAPTOGENS.

Sounds like some sort of Alien film doesn’t it? Or at least that’s what I thought when I heard it.


Not aliens like the name suggestions, Adaptogens are actually a group of non-toxic herbs that support the body’s natural ability to cope with emotional, physical and environmental stress. Which right now, I think we all need right?

They have been used in Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries!

They are safe, natural and an effective way to support the body’s adrenal glands, enhance mood, regulate hormone responses, boost metabolism, strengthen immunity and reduce stress levels.

My Journey With Adaptogens

When I came across Adaptogens, I came across a brand called Natalia Botanicals.

I was literally guided to this brand out of no where. I did some research and read a lot of the reviews and decided to trial some of her elixirs to see if they really did work.

I initially tried Sleepy Soul and Goal Digger.

I wasn’t expecting miracles, but was literally blown away by how well the elixirs worked. From sometimes not being able to sleep until 3am (I know, it’s crazy) to being able to get a full 8 hours uninterrupted sleep as early as 10pm?! Sleepy Soul has been game changing for me on those nights I’ve struggled to sleep!

I usually like two caffeinated Green Teas on a morning to start my day (not at the same time). I have been using Goal Digger in a Green Tea on a morning instead and it gives me a boost, focus and energy. There’s no crash or anxiety with it either!

Impressed with the results, I gave some samples to a family member and some friends who were skeptical (I love a skeptic)… They couldn’t believe how well the elixirs worked!

I wanted to bring this brand to my clients and my clinic, I knew it would help so many people… It had already helped me in such a short space of time.

We are now official stockists of Natalia Botanicals!

I really love the brand, the products and Natalia’s ethos. She believes in Safe, Organic, Natural products… Without the unnecessary fillers or harmful chemicals/additives. They are also accessible to all as are Vegan. So it was a no brainer for me to bring the brand to the clinic. My client’s deserve the best and I will only stock brands and products that I use myself and believe in.

I hope you’ll love the Adaptogen blends and that they will bring you the benefits that they have brought me, my family and friends…

With Love

Abigayle x

The Natalia Botanicals range is now online and available to shop here!

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