Hey Gorgeous!

Abigayle here, I’m your skin therapist and I want you to love your skin. That’s it, that’s me and that’s why I do what I do.

It wasn’t until I started to do makeup professionally that I realised how many people were unhappy with their skin… from clients to models… skin insecurity was rife with most that I met.

From acne and breakouts to pigmentation and uneven skin… skin conditions were damaging their self esteem and stopping these gorgeous women realising their full potential and worth. I was also pretty sick of the false advertising and empty promises I saw the beauty companies making that preyed on these exact insecurities that we all have.

Because of this I decided to pursue my love for skin and making others feel good about theirs. I also made it my mission to empower others via honest No BS education on skin and what actually works!

The products I sell here and in clinic are ALL products that I believe in. I believe in them because I use them, because I’ve got clients who use them and I’ve seen with my own eyes, that they get results.

If you’re new to active skin care or our site, please take our FREE skin test and take the first steps towards better, healthier skin.

And remember… you are not your hair, you are not your skin… you are the soul that lives with in. You are always worthy.

With love,



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